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  • Clark shoes for women sneaker design

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Clark shoes for women sneaker design

Clark shoes for women tangelo in light blue colors with white lace

The Turquoise clarks shoes for women is s textile based footwear with the look of a classic sneaker. It is a easy wear with a lace to make it fit tight and easy on the wearer. It has a bouncy sole and durable inner sole. Your foot remains very comfortable in this marvelous, flat heel shoe.

Clark shoes for women sand suede

wallabee women shoes with a high soleThis Wallabee Clark shoes for women is quite a robust footwear for most outdoor robust activities. It is fashionable but will perform well for hiking, camping or just any field work.  It is made from suede so it is easy to care for.

The Clark shoes for women is a moccasin design so you can count on a long lasting shoe which fits snug on your feet so you can be comfortable for long hours. Coupled with the bouncy sole, you get the convenience of a padded step as you move over rugged terrain.

Simone metallic flat women shoes in vintage color design

women's shoes ann taylor simone metallic flatThis simone metallic flat women shoes has a ballet style to it. It comes with a durable meta buckle to add a a new urban feeling.  It has elasticized heel for easy wear and cushioned inner sole for long hour wear. Simple shoe for your walk in town or shopping.