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Suits for women all sizes

Suits for women

Suits for women

If you delight in suits for women, try out this Pakula dress.  Its made from blended fabrics and wears snug on you.  Beat the summer heat with this smart formal wear.  High fashion and smart cut for today’s woman.

Women dress shoes with instep wide strap

Carlos by carlos santana red shoes in pump style

Immaculate women dress shoes red pumps with an elegant attraction. You will like the complementary lack sole and silver inner lining. This pups has a unique look – the upper leather strap has a side zipper to enable you wear and take off the shoe easily. It has a black pencil heel for extra height. Wear to evening occasions over a maxi dress or long skirt.


Pump high heel shoes make a comeback with bouncy sole


You love cork but never though it would part of these high heel shoes.  Now you can enjoy both light weight and steadiness with these clear sandals that feature a whopping 6 1/2 inch heels. This footwear is a marvelous piece of beauty with the way it stands so unique amongst all others. Wear to social gatherings or parties where you need to be as casual and fun as possible.