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  • Trina Ombre shoes for women pointy toe pump in brown and black color gradient

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Trina Ombre shoes for women pointy toe pump in brown and black color gradient

women's shoes ann taylor with a metallic design

This Trina Ombre women shoes is a remarkable classic. It has a pointed toe and a stiletto style heel. But the biggest attraction is the gradient of black and brown colors. You will also lie the lacquered finish that makes the shoes glitter.  Feel comfortable with the cushioned soles and appear tall with the high heel.

Betsey johnson shoes Randilyn with jeweled embellishments

betsey johnson Randilyn Shoes with beautiful designYou will love Betsey Johnson shoes for one thing – uniqueness. In this Randilyn lady footwear, you see on display high heeled shoes with the simplicity of a sandals. This shoe is made from satin to give it a rich look.  Feel pampered by the soft ankle strap and the gold-tones of the buckle. You will feel all your best with the rhinestone embedded into the leather and the cushioned sole to give you a comfortable wear.


Shoes for women with the maura t-straps

shoes for women Liz Claiborne Maura

Style up your life with this maura t-strap pumps. Never seen pumps look so good. The design looks quite vintage but thats where the shoes takes it appeal from. It combines a modern urban look with yesteryears of the 60s to give a mixed fashion for women.  I appreciate the metal finish and the perforated accents which has the effect of venting your feet.  The inner sole is cushioned for ultra comfort.